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Operation: THRUST
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Have You Read a Good Mystery Novel Lately?

You have never read a High-Tech Thriller like this novel before.

It will electrify, titillate, and explode with impassion as you read each page.

You will be aroused, stimulated, turned on, adrenalized, and find yourself in a frenzy tizzy as you feverously get involved.

You will be electrified when you read of the covert activities of EVAC, the secret undercover division of the CIA.

This secret organization was formed by a former president of the United States to eliminate those persons that would threaten to weaken or dissolve any part or parts of the Constitution; or in any way threaten the liberties of the United States in any way. They had already assassinated Kennedy and his brother, as well as Martin Luther King.

In an era, more than twenty years ago, when Nixon was President of the United States, this spellbinder introduces the premiere international arms and drug cartel powerbroker who entwined the world with drugs and the latest military equipment.

He became the richest man in the world, and the greatest threat to the United States. Secret deals and massive mysterious transactions with Russia are steeped in corruption and murder. The players stood at the highest pinnacles of global governments, mixed with ultimate worldwide domination and ruthlessness.

Gary Thompson, the DDO of the CIA, was assigned to infiltrate the Cartel which was impossible at the time, because Fernandez, head of the Cartel administered polygraph tests to all applicants before he allowed them to join his team. If they failed the test, they were eliminated, permanently. But there was one local Miami man with enough polygraph expertise, Robert Walsh, who was recruited by Thompson to join EVAC and infiltrate the cartel successfully.

Factually, Walsh was much more than Thompson expected. Walsh held a seventh degree Black Belt in Martial Arts. He was then sent to Langly for special training, and Walsh physically destroys the complex.

The Author quotes the characters verbatim in modern day language, because this is the way people talk, so why try to hide the truth?

No words or expressions are minced. Walsh is a ladies' man as well, and all sexual scenes are expressed colorfully, but in good taste. However the reader knows exactly, the warmth in feelings and expression of each person involved in the close sexual relationships.

Walsh finally obtains his Operation Thrust assignments. From this point on, he is making light bulb bombs, infiltrating the cartel, shooting down a F-14, flying radio controlled airplanes to the Everglades loaded with cocaine, installing hidden video cameras, being seduced by several gorgeous women, piloting a flying bomb coated with Kevlor, making it radar proof, eliminating cartel persons with the CIA silent dart gun, blows up an armory in the Bahamas. He gets
 seduced by his best friend's girlfriend, blows up the home of the cartel leader on Key Biscayne, and gets arrested and sent to Federal Prison, where he discovers the warden is a homosexual.


Operation: THRUST



No person is more qualified to author this thriller than Alexander Wilson.

The author served in the Criminal Investigation Division of the Military Police. He became an expert Master Polygraphist. He was honored with the American Police Hall of Fame Citation in recognition of his service to his community and nation. He was honored with the Expert Combat Badge, and three Bronze Battle Stars.

In the 80's he became partners with G. Gordon Liddy. The author founded and commanded the world famous hostage rescue group, the Hurricane Force. He earlier and later served in covert capacities with three different government agencies that utilized his polygraph skills.

Alexander Wilson is currently writing his second novel:


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