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You May Not Yet Realize It -- But You NEED SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001!


Our SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 Can Totally Enhance Your Residual Income!

*SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 (SCM2001) you the ability to cost-effectively manage up to 16 billion contact records!

Using Advanced Search Features, you can a look up and manage contact records with ease and efficiency.

You may record a variety of detailed reference information ranging from name, title, telephone numbers (up to twelve), and AKA to company information such as stock symbol and number of employees.

You can even "rate" your client to gauge where he/she is in your sales process in terms of probability of making the sale.

All of this information stays right in front of you on the Main Contact Screen for quick and efficient retrieval.

Its Folder System provides a mechanism to record and track detailed information about your contact such as client SIC code and industry, referrals, quotes, other resources and a Notes Section to record more detailed information you feel will be helpful in your future interactions without having to flip back and forth through multiple screens.


...Scheduling, Appointments, Activities, Things To Do

While it may be easy to manage 50 contact appointments, what happens when you hit 500 or 5000?

SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 (SCM2001) will help you never miss an appointment again! The SCM2001 powerful integrated Scheduling System helps you create and review Activities, Appointments and Things To Do by day, week and/or month.

The Time Slot Availability feature checks for conflicting commitments when entering an appointment onto your personal schedule.

SCM2001 will even schedule your use of available resources (projectors, meeting rooms, etc.)

In addition, our Smart Reminders reminds you of Activities, Appointments and "Things To Do" as you start your computer.

You do not have to run SCM2001 to receive these helpful notices. And, if you prefer, the Smart Reminders can be easily turned off.

Do you have a meeting that happens every 4th Wednesday of each month?

Not to worry -- The SCM2001 Recurring Scheduler will allow you to fully automate reminders for these events. Simply select your reminders from a variety of notification options and SCM2001 remembers the rest!

The SCM2001 Calendar System provides an overview of your daily, weekly and/or monthly activities and appointments at a glance to help you better manage your valuable time.


SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 (SCM2001) puts you in the Drivers Seat in defining your own business rules to automatically create an action "To Do" list when a new contact is created. These automatic triggers will better facilitate control of your sales and marketing force while maintaining a consistent approach to managing contacts.

SCM2001 provides true Sales Force Automation (SFA). Not only will the SCM2001 notify you of scheduled events, it will perform those events automatically.

If your business rules state that you need to FAX or e-mail follow-up information four (4) and six (6) days (respectively) from initial meeting, SCM2001 will do this automatically -- without missing a beat!


Do you have a website?

Do your website visitors submit information?

With the SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 (SCM2001) Smart Web Capture, website contact information can be automatically received by, and imported into, the SCM2001.

SCM2001 not only receives submissions but also automatically routes them through specific user-based criteria to the proper user.


In addition to tracking contact information, SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 (SCM2001) allows you to integrate potential sales information. By doing this, you will be able to run probability and other statistical reports on future sales based on current leads.The Sales Tracker Screen will also enable you to track successful sales versus non-successful sales for future reference.

The SCM2001 Sales Funnel System provides a graphic view of where each one of your prospects is in the sales process.

As a local or regioal sales manager, you can see statistically how your sales force is performing and identify areas where it needs help.

By using the Skill Tracking Feature, SCM2001 also provides you with a mechanism to track the skills of your work force. This will enable you to find the right person for the job at hand.


With just a click of the mouse, SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 (SCM2001) seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word.

SCM2001 allows you to take advantage of the power of Microsoft Word while minimizing duplication of effort. You can easily transfer information such as name, address, city and other fields that you specify from the SCM2001 into Microsoft Word.

Create a form letter with fields that are found in the SCM2001 and then print out form letters from Microsoft Word.

The SCM2001 Letter Management System will take over the mundane task of personalizing your correspondence to various contacts. Simply create form letters and let the SCM2001 personalize them for you!


SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 (SCM2001) easily integrates with Microsoft Outlook to give you the "best of both worlds".

SCM2001 enables you to seamlessly transfer information between the two applications. Now you do not have to import information from Outlook manually -- simply let the SCM2001 do it for you, saving yourself a huge amount of time in the process.

SCM2001 makes e-mailing even easier! With the SCM2001 Quick E-Mail System, you can send e-mail with the touch of a button and track e-mail receipt within the contact record.


Now you can e-mail one person or thousands in just a matter of seconds. Like regular e-mails, broadcast e-mail receipts can be tracked in the contact record as well.


SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 (SCM2001) easily faxes various forms or reports to any one of your contacts with the touch of a button. The SCM2001 Activity Tracking System records all fax activity in the History Folder. Now you will have a record of what information was sent when to each of your contacts.


Included in the SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 is a highly reliable Database Synchronization System gives you the ability to keep some, or all, of your multiple source contact information as current as possible.

The automated Database Synchronization System allows you to synchronize contact information between remote locations or in the field and/or between multiple sites with your server system. Searches can be synchronized from IP address to IP address, through a modem, from laptop to Palm or Desktop, and from laptop to LAN.


Use the power of the Internet to assist you with your day-to-day tasks.

Find information about your prospect with the touch of a button. Research company and individual information--or even directions by synchronizing via the Internet. SCM2001 automatically searches popular websites for the information you need, saving you time and money.


SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 makes it easy for you to manage your mailing lists. You can create multiple mailing groups, attaching one or more mailing groups to each contact record.

Using the Automated Printing Feature, you will be able to create labels, letters, reports or even e-mail to a particular mailing group with unparalleled ease.


SMART CONTACT MANAGER 2001 (SCM2001) provides both password protection and various security access levels within the software. With these controls in place, contact information is accessible by authorized users only. In a multiple user office, each contact can be assigned a security setting. This feature gives your multiple user office the confidence that each users leads will be safe within the system.

As another level of security, users can be assigned varied levels of access. User access can be assigned, individually or in groups, to modify, create, delete, or read-only access to pick-list editing. For single users for whom security is not a concern, this feature can be turned off so that you can easily access SCM2001 directly without logging in.


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