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Evidence Eliminator! This Product is for You!

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If You Are Looking For a Job or a New Career - You Have Certainly Come To The Right Place!
New Career Training Programs, Self-Training Publications and Home-Study Courses Programs Available Right Now. Click on the Links Below:
--Private Investigation - E-Mail and Ask for Details
--Security Consulting - Read Further For Details on This Page
--Flight Attendant - E-mail and Ask For Details
Read Further and E-mail and Ask for Details!
--Affordable, Low-Cost Home Study Course Now Available;
--Immediate Positions and Assignments Ready For Trained Operatives.
--No License Necessary!
--Displaced Former IT Professionals: CLICK HERE and Provide Your Name, Address and E-mail for Immediate Human Resource/Employment Information.
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The Cost of Your Training, Testing
and Security Consulting Certification:

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Have You Ever Thought About Becoming A Private Investigator?

Forget it!

You Can Become a



Ladies and Gentlemen:

Private Investigation is NOT where the BIG money is!

Oh Yes, there is money being made doing background checks, license checks and locating missing persons, but that's not where the BIG money is being made.

Today, to earn the BIG money, you must address and successfully meet and solve the dire Theft, Shoplifting, Employee Theft, Armed Robbery, and the BIG problems of businesses of all types and sizes by learning a profession that solves all business internal security problems automatically.  SECURITY CONSULTING!

Yes, that's where all the BIG money is being made, but ... how do you learn to become a skilled  professional this unique and profitable profession?


Yes, you can forget the terminology of private investigator.

It's passť'.   It's over!  it's finished!  It's old-fashioned!

Today, you have to learn to become a Security Consultant and We Can Provide You With The Training Tools You Need!

The modern private or corporate Security Consultant solves all internal security problems of small and large businesses.

The specialties you will need and learn can be found in our proven-successful Security Consulting Home Study Program (Available Now for Only $149.00 including Shipping, Testing and Certification) to protect the financial assets of major corporations include, in the following areas:

  • Class Action Lawsuits
  • Information Gathering
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Risk Analysis
  • Strike Control
  • False Workers Comp. Claims
  • Harassment Claims
  • Improper EEOC Claims
  • Undercover Operations
  • Urban Terrorism Control
  • Eliminating Employee Theft
  • Polygraph Testing
CLICK HERE and for More Security Consulting Details and More!
If You Still Want to Become a Private Investigator,
 CLICK HERE to E-mail USCCCNII American Focus and Ask For Complete Details.
You Can Also Become a
Covert Professional
Mystery, Honesty or Secret Shopper!
The modern day businessman wants and needs to know what's going on in his place of business when he's not there.
He needs a detailed report of what's going on. Secondly, if he is in the Bar and restaurant business, he needs to protect himself from and ever-growing range of criminals.
If a arrest is made in his place of business for illegal drugs, his license to do business could be revoked. If however, he can produce the written reports of undercover mystery shoppers, the average judge will be empowered to assume that he is trying his best to comply with the law.

YOU ... as a Trained Professional Covert Mystery, Honesty or Secret Shopper Can Do This as a Lucrative Career or as a Second Income Opportunity ...

and do your part to Help Business Owners Stay in Business!

For More Details on Training in the Following Professions
Covert Mystery, Honesty and Secret Shopping,
Insurance Investigation,
Corporate Executive Protection,
Polygraph and Suspect Deception Detection,
Becoming a Law Enforcement Officer,
Aircraft Theft and Aviation Crime Prevention,
Becoming a 911 Emergency Dispatcher,
Related Jobs - Careers and Second Incomes...
or Even A Business of Your Very Own!

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