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Evidence Eliminator! This Product is for You!

A Career For You As an Airline Pilot or a Flight Attendant in 2004


Highly Recommended Awareness and Training Resources

How To Get An Airline Job

Insider Secrets to Guarantee

Your Most Successful Airline Industry Job Search



Now You Can Learn EVERYTHING You Need To Know To Maximize Your Competitive Advantage In Your Search For A Job As An Airline Pilot With A Major Airline!


--Resources YOU Can Use To Make Yourself An Expert On The Airline Industry;


--What Ratings You Should Get And Their Order Of Importance;


--Long-Range Preparation Things You Need To Do years Before Entering The Job Market;


--How To Select Your Interview Wardrobe For Maximum Effect;


--How To Prepare Yourself For those ... Killer Stanines!


--What To Do To Be REALLY Ready For Your Interview;


--How To Use Body Language To Increase Your Effectiveness;


--And Much, Much More!


Your Airline Job Educational Program Consists of:


--160-Minute VHS Video

--Course Workbook

--Tear-Out Checklists

--Listing of Aeronautical Universities

--Listing of Major Air Carriers


For More Information, Kindly Complete The Information Request Form Below:


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Post Office Box 663
South Plainfield, New Jersey 07080-0663


If YOU are Considering a Career as a Flight Attendant....You Need to Read This Book!
Flight attendants may live exciting and glamourous lives, but only 10 out of every 1,000 applicants get hired!
THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT JOB FINDER AND CAREER GUIDE, based on the 23 years of the Flight Attendant experience of Tim Kirkwood, reveals the Inside Scoop on the ins and outs of this unique process.
--How to survive the one-of-a-kind interviewing process so you get hired;
--Why it is crucial to choose the airlines that are right for you to start your Flight Attendant career;
--The type of background that makes you an attractive candidate to the airlines;
--Everything you need to know to Succeed as a Flight Attendant.
--Also included is a Directory of all U.S. and Canadian airlines, including their individual application requirements, pay scales, training, domiciles, and more -- so you can select the best airlines that are best for you.
I flew to two interviews and took the FLIGHT ATTENDANT JOB FINDER AND CAREER GUIDE with me. The information and insight were invaluable.  Being a Flight Attendant is so much more than serving cold drinks and snacks.  I would not have been prepared if I had not read this book and referred to it many, many times while going through the application process. For once I got what I paid for and so much more.
-- John Whitmore, Flight Attendant
Must Reading for anyone contemplating a flight attendant career!
-- Airways
Tim Kirkwood reveals the inside secrets of the profession!
-- The Washington Post
All the inside information needed for a smooth flight to the top!
Concise and accurate account of one of the most misunderstood professions. Tim Kirkwood knows what he is talking about in the FLIGHT ATTENDANT JOB FINDER AND CAREER GUIDE!
--  The Bloomsbury Review
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