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Need A Job in New Jersey? CAREER EXPO 2004 Schedule! Post Your Resume Online!
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Pathfinder Consulting Group
North Brunswick, New Jersey


About Pathfinder Consulting Group
Pathfinder Consulting Group is a solid group of dedicated individuals who provide consulting services to a number of companies. More recently, the Group has focused its attention to Career Development opportunities in the General Employment, Information Technology, and Health related fields. It is the desire of the Group to help companies with their recruiting requirements by producing high quality, low cost, well attended job fairs.

Pathfinder Consulting Group is noted for producing highly diversified job fairs, that offer both the exhibitor and attendee the unique opportunity to meet in a professional atmosphere. Our booth and table prices are competitive, and there are special prices for non-profit, military, law enforcement, corrections and government agencies, universities, and colleges.

In 2004, Pathfinder Consulting Group will hold a limited number of job fairs in key locations and expects to attract record crowds of jobseekers at these job fairs. The Exhibitor's Page will have a complete listing of locations and future mega job fair dates.

Pathfinder Consulting Group is a proud member of the Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce, Mercer County Chamber of Commerce, a Board Member of the Middlesex County Workforce Development Board, and a member of the Middlesex County Youth Investment Council.

We look forward to serving you.

All the best,

Vito Verruso
Pathfinder Consulting Group

About The Career Expos

Employers, both large and small, IT Companies, Recruiters, and Consultants are cordially invited to participate in the Career Expo.

If you are an employer seeking qualified job candidates, but are tired of paying the high costs involved, CAREER EXPO was designed especially for you. When you visit our Exhibitors Page, you will find our rates most reasonable.

All the exhibit spaces quoted on the Exhibitors Page come complete with table, chairs, and company sign (no logos).

As a CAREER EXPO Exhibitor we are confident that you will find positive solutions to your current staffing challenges.

A professional atmosphere will be maintained at the Career Expo.

A Note To Jobseekers:

To those seeking employment, Pathfinder Consulting Group suggests that you bring as many resumes as possible and be prepared to meet a significant number of potential employers that are seeking your respective skills and expertise.


On site interviews will be the highlight of the CAREER EXPO.

Pathfinder Consulting Group
Post Office Box 7579
North Brunswick, NJ 08902-7579
Tel. No.: (732) 821-7048
Fax No.: (732) 821-5668

Pathfinder Consulting Group & Career Expos 
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Career Expo 2004 Schedule:

A Combined Medical/Health & General Employment Career Fair at The Chubb Institute in North Brunswick on
February 19, 2004.
Thank you for visiting our web site.
The Chubb Institute, The Employment Guide, The Career Times, and Pathfinder Consulting Group will be producing a combined Medical/Health and General Employment Career Fair at The Chubb Institute in North Brunswick on Thursday, February 19, 2004.
The General Employment Exhibitors will be located on the 1st floor of the Chubb building, while the Medical/Health Exhibitors will be located in the cafeteria on the 2nd floor.
This unique exhibit arrangement insures that there will be no mixing of disciplines during the career fair.
Be sure to bring copies of your resumes, because resumes and other information will be collected at the door.
To gain access to the Medical/Health Employers, your resume will be reviewed.
We expect that this career fair may attract up to 40 exhibitors,and some 500 attendees.
The Medical/Health & General Employment Career Fair is designed to attract highly qualified personnel in the medical field, nurses, administrators, health care staff, management, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, security staff,etc. As well as, those individuals seeking general employment positions in the following fields: insurance, media, computer technology, office staff, and other fields of general employment. Pathfinder Consulting Group plans to utilize its long term event expertise and contacts in producing successful career fair for both the Employers and Attendees.
To review a partial listing of our past and present customers, please visit our "Customer List" page at
To view the current List of Exhibitors, please go to the Attendee Information page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page.
New exhibitors will be added as their reservations are received.
The Chubb Institute is located at 651 Route 1-South, North Brunswick, New Jersey, 08902, 732-448-2600.
Chubb is located right off Route 1.,
The career fair hours are from 10am to 2pm.
FREE admission and parking.
All tables are only $250. For more information, print out our Reservation Form
All setups come complete with 6-foot table(s), chairs, and company sign (no logos). Extra tables and electricity are available at an additional fee and must be ordered in advance. For more information visit our Exhibitors Page or print out a copy of our Reservation Form.
For more information, please contact:
Pathfinder Consulting Group
PO Box 7579
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Tel. No.: 732-821-7048, Fax No.: 732-821-5668 -
In 2004, we will be producing our own employment newspaper, called  "The Career Times".
The first edition will hit the streets in March, 2004. If you want to advertise in the NEW newspaper, please give
Vito a call at  732-821-7048.

Thank You For Your Interest!